Criminal defense lawyer from Munich

Thomas Hummel, lawyer from Munich, can defend you against any accusations in court or by the prosecutor.

Thomas Hummel, lawyer from Munich, can defend you agains any accusations in court or by the prosecutor.

Thomas Hummel is your criminal defense lawyer from Munich. He speaks English on an advanced level. You can contact him in English by phone, e-mail or messenger.

Since the beginning of my law practice, I have been working as a defense lawyer in Pasing in the West of Munich city. This extends from the preliminary proceedings through the oral hearing (usually carried out by the police) and the trial in court to the filing of an appeal, if necessary. So I look after the whole procedure, including serving a sentence and parole.

The basis of a promising procedural strategy is the full confidence of the defendant in the defense lawyer. Towards him, you can and should express yourself fully and honestly. Only this way the situation can be assessed and decided whether to refute the allegations, make a confession or rather to remain silent.

In principle, I can take over your defense on any criminal charge. There is generally no limitation on which lawyer may take over which cases.

Frequent items of preliminary investigations are

  • theft and embezzlement
  • fraud
  • mayhem
  • insult
  • drugs / narcotics crimes
  • violation of the tax code (tax evasion)
  • weapons offenses
  • offenses in traffic

Also proceedings under the Administrative Offenses Act (Ordnungswidrigkeitengesetz) belong in principle to the criminal proceedings, whereby the legal consequences are naturally far less serious.

Even small injuries constitute the crime of mayhem in German law and may result in prosecution.

Even small injuries constitute the crime of mayhem in German law and may result in prosecution.

It is particularly important to me that the mandate as a defense lawyer starts as soon as you enter my office in Pasing. I already take an active role during the public prosecutorial or administrative investigation.

In a first free consultation by phone, email or WhatsApp I can inform you about the rough process and explain your chances, costs and prospects.

After assigning me, it usually makes sense to request the investigation files of the prosecutor. This access to the file (despite a change in the Code of Criminal Procedure) can still only be sufficiently demanded of the defense lawyer. After that, the following questions will be discussed:

  • Has the public prosecutor properly recorded the facts?
  • How should the view of the accused be represented?
  • Should one remain silent to the allegations?
  • Which witnesses can you name?
  • Is it worth, for example, to commission an expertise?
  • Does (in case of correct allegations) a perpetrator-victim compensation make sense?
  • Should the lawyer have a clarifying or mediating conversation with the prosecutor?
  • Is the crime punishable at all?

Of course, if it is clear that you have made yourself liable to prosecution, this does not change the fact that you can still make the best of it. Because in a constitutional state everyone, including a criminal, has the right to a fair trial – that’s what I want to do as a defense lawyer.

Smaller cases are decided by a single judge at the Amtsgericht (county court).

Smaller cases are decided by a single judge at the Amtsgericht (county court).

It’s not about whitewashing. But in every criminal case there are extenuating circumstances that should best be communicated to the prosecutor. It usually does not do any good to „crawl“ in the face of allegations; rather, the process should be actively tackled and used as an opportunity. Many investigations are settled out of court because of low guilt, for which one can provide appropriate arguments.

Of course, if it comes to trial, I will also represent you in court as a defense lawyer. The district courts (Amtsgericht or Landgericht) in the criminal justice center on the Nymphenburger Straße (subway station Stiglmaierplatz) have jurisdiction over cases that originate in Munich.

It is particularly important to me not to act a lawyer from American movies, but to set a course by a quiet way and factual arguments. In this way a lawyer can achieve a lot for the defendant.

You can still count on me after completing the procedure. If the ruling is too harsh or legally questionable, an appeal may be appealed. In the case of an acquittal, benefits may be claimed under the Law on Compensation for Law Enforcement Measures (StrEG).

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